100 Tosakatchi
Age Adult
Gender Male
Generation Even
Tosakatchi (とさかっち Tosakatchi) is a male adult character. Tosakatchi is obtained on even generations through neglect.

Appearance Edit

He has a light peach body, a red head with a white face, and feather-like objects on the top of his head. He is usually seen with a squiggly mouth.

Personality Edit

Tosakatchi can sing beautifully. But since he is so shy, he hides his talent from others. Tosakatchi is a bashful and mysterious Tamagotchi. 

He wants to become a rock star when he is older. Tosakatchi appears on the Let's Go! Tamagotchi series in a band with Hinotamatchi and Togetchi.

Name Origin Edit

Tosaka means "crest", as in the crest roosters have on their heads.

Gallery Edit